Restless Rant for the week of September 3 – 5:

It’s a short week, and a slightly shorter rant. Here we go:

Katherine’s memorial.
Katherine’s memorial made me cry, smile, laugh, and cry some more. Numerous characters important to Katherine returned, and that, along with knowing many of the actors shared deep real-life connections to Jeanne Cooper, enriched the emotional experience for viewers. Embraces between the likes of Paul and Todd, and Jill and Brock, were enough to send us to the Kleenex box without a word uttered. John being included, Jill and Nikki being there for each other, the dedication of Chancellor Park, the placing of the roses before the urn, the flashbacks, and the vision of Katherine at the end were all excellent touches and very much appreciated.

With that said, the memorial didn’t seem grand enough somehow – heck even Abby and Noah blew it off to take in a concert. It was upsetting that Mackenzie and Tucker were missing, and not with very good excuses. JT or Mac had better be gravely ill, as it’s the only reason imaginable that she wouldn’t have attended – but why the secrecy? It was also disappointing that neither Phillip nor Chance were in attendance. Were they even mentioned? Some would have liked to see Brock afforded more time to talk about ‘The Duchess’; his time was brief. Although all of the remembrances were welcomed, some stories seemed odd choices, such as Jill recalling that Katherine was a nasty drunk, Nina sharing how Katherine and Jill tried to run her out of town, and Nikki getting up and talking about the time she was drunk in Mexico – really? In any case, way more stories and flashbacks would have been awesome. It almost felt like we were rushed through to some extent, so as to accommodate Paul and Christine’s nuptials. We all want Paul to be happy, but this choice left many shell-shocked. Katherine Chancellor was a Genoa City main player for four decades and they should have devoted the entire two episodes of her memorial to her. While Katherine may indeed have enjoyed the idea of a wedding, many viewers would have preferred to have spent that time taking a last walk through the entire life of Katherine Chancellor via stories and flashbacks. Her loves and husbands, her trials and tribulations, her successes…all of it. Anyway, we all have a view on the memorial, but the important thing is, it was amazing to have had a chance to say goodbye to Katherine in this way…she will be incredibly missed. Looking forward to the reading of the will!

Abby, Tyler, Courtney, Noah.
Seeing complex, interesting characters like Amber and Nina return for the memorial somehow made sitting through the insipid conversation of Abby, Tyler, Courtney, and Noah in Crimson Lights the next day seem so much worse. We care about Noah, but no one wanted to hear him whine about having too many career options. In any case, it looks like he’ll be getting pulled into the goings-on at Newman Enterprises. Let’s hope this translates to interesting drama.