In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the 1980s when Lisa Mansfield kept Brad Carlton locked up in a cage…

Lily and Cane’s plan backfired this week. Many years ago, Lisa had a plan that involved Brad, which didn’t go as expected either. Lisa, who had married Brad at sixteen while he worked as her rich family’s gardener, was forced to say goodbye to him when her father had their marriage annulled and fired Brad. After her father died, Lisa sought out Brad to help her deal with the paperwork from her father’s estate, with the promise to leave him alone if he helped. However, she had other plans.

Lisa drugged Brad and took photos of them in bed, making him believe they’d made love. Brad demanded that Lisa stay away from him and Traci, who he had been with at the time. Lisa wouldn’t give up, and after buying a mountain lodge, equipped with a cage in the living room, she made Brad’s friends and family believe he’d left town and had Brad kidnapped. Once in the cage, Brad realized the only way he could get free would be to play along with Lisa. He managed to almost escape but was thrown back in the cage.

Brad became very sick, and Lisa went to get him a prescription. While at the drug store, Lauren spotted Lisa and followed her back to the lodge. Lisa saw Lauren, threw her into the cage too then turned on the gas, intending to kill them both. Though Lisa got away, someone appeared and saved Brad and Lauren.

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