Restless Rant for the week of August 26 – 30:

The drama involving Jill, Nikki, and Esther grieving for Katherine, and the tension between Adam and Victor, has been much appreciated. Remaining a concern is how often the show feels tedious; dragged down by humdrum, and sometimes repetitive dialogue about mundane topics. “Y&R” needs to focus on bringing back the big drama built upon “Y&R’s” rich history (with the integrity of that history and the core characters intact), and enhance it with healthy doses of passion and wit.

Billy’s bookshelves.
Absolutely there was cuteness (with Delia) and humor in the ‘Billy builds bookshelves’ storyline, but honestly, many are still waiting for this character to get a genuinely big, worthy story. The gambling problem was a recycle, and the weird blackmail thing was a flash in the pan.

The eyes have it.
Just as viewers have reached the point where they can’t take another teeth-grindingly repetitive conversation between Chelsea and Chloe about ‘the truth coming out’, the truth is finally going to come out. What made these conversations particularly annoying is that none of it made a lot of sense to begin with – the bad advice, Chloe’s venom toward Adam, or Chelsea’s decision to keep his child from him because he ‘chose’ Newman. Chelsea also seems to think she’s a real star for getting Melanie to drop the bogus charges against Adam, but some would say it’s the least she could do given the fact that she is also telling a huge, damaging, life-altering whopper of a lie – to Adam and Dylan!

Going to the chapel?
For many viewers, the issue isn’t whether Nick and wishy-washy Avery make it to the altar, it’s whether the wedding will bring about a reveal of what’s been going on with Sharon so we can start to move on from her being this peculiar, scheming manipulator, which has become kind of creepy.

Star hacker.
It’s happy days now that Kevin has moved on from Chloe to a new storyline as the star computer hacker of the Genoa City Police Department, but it’s time to dial it down a bit. It’s wearing thin how Kevin gets away with everything and repeatedly makes the entire police force look like a bunch of bumbling idiots. The GCPD stories need more realism… and more Alex!

Inexplicably, this storyline began to deteriorate into bad B movie territory, which squandered Carmine’s potential as a longer term character, as well as the possibility for future storylines involving genuine emotional angst or conflict among the trio. In the best part of this storyline, it was a compelling showcase of the raw emotions of the characters, but it ended up like a parody of a stalker plot. Cringe-y.