Restless Rant week of August 19 – 23:

“Y&R” tackled the death of Katherine Chancellor this week, and a few other storylines continued to plod forward simultaneously. Thoughts:

Incredibly focused.
The comic relief of Sharon making crazy eyes and facial expressions unseen by the other characters, is probably the most compelling part of the ongoing storyline with her and Nick. Though nothing about the Avery character evokes much feeling, my eyebrows raised on her behalf when Faith ripped up her pictures. Sure it was dippy that Avery had spent hours cutting them out in the first place, but what a holy terror Faith has become! She’s definitely got great potential to be a spoiled manipulating adult character down the road. That brings us to Cassie. It’s hard to buy Cassie as a sneaky schemer, even as a figment of Sharon’s imagination. Somehow it doesn’t sit right. As for Sherlock Noah, he’s putting the pieces together, s-l-o-w-l-y. It’s time for Summer to mention that Creamy Nude lipstick to him…

Our hero.
The Chelsea/Dylan scenes are like fingernails on a chalkboard. Chelsea goes on about Dylan being more perfect than anyone who ever lived, and ‘doing right by her son’ even though she’s based his life and well-being on a huge lie/con that is about to blow up in her face, and Dylan goes on (to that horrible sappy music) about being their protector while performing ‘super dad’ duties. Too much. Meanwhile, there’s Adam dropping by and holding his own son, yet not being allowed to know he’s his son due to his heinous crime of being too attached to the family business. Chelsea getting what’s coming to her can’t happen soon enough.

You can’t erase me.
The Carmine/Lauren/Michael storyline was excellent at its peak, but is beginning to deteriorate into silliness, what with Carmine becoming a one-note cheesy stalker and Michael carelessly hollering death threats in the middle of the police station on a regular basis.