Staking claim.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 1976 when Jill Foster tried to sue Katherine Chancellor…

Katherine’s death will have Jill reflecting back on their tremulous history. One such event had Jill (previously played by Brenda Dickson) pushing to sue Katherine for half of Phillip Chancellor’s estate. It all started when Jill gave birth to Phillip’s son, Phillip Chancellor III. When Jill announced she was suing for half of Phillip’s estate, Katherine was having none of it and hired Mitchell Sherman to have Jill and Phillip’s marriage annulled.

Jill got down and dirty and secretly deposited alcohol in a container that she knew Katherine would drink. Katherine, who was a reformed alcoholic, fell into the trap and off the wagon. Jill never won half of the estate, due to her annulment, but the feud between these two continued, making them two of the most well-known frenemies in Daytime.

Years later, Jill was allowed to stay at the Chancellor Estate after her and John Abbott got divorced. Being back at the mansion caused Jill to think back to happy times and her deep love for Phillip. She went up to the attic and rummaged through Phillip’s things and came across a letter from him, stating how much he had loved Jill, along with a deed for her to the estate. Jill took Katherine to court and was granted half the estate, which led to even more troublesome/happy times as roommates until Katherine’s sad passing.

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