Friends for life.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 1978 when Paul Williams first met Nikki Reed…

Nikki asked Paul for help this week, and since the first day they met, there have been a few more occasions where Paul has had to come to Nikki’s rescue. Paul and Nikki first met when they were seventeen years old. Nikki did more than flash her baby blues and ended up giving Paul a venereal disease, yet they remained friends.

Soon, Paul began dating April Stevens and panicked when she became pregnant and refused to have an abortion. He walked away from April and turned to Nikki, and the two joined the New World Commune, not realizing it was a cult. When the group was exposed, Paul and Nikki had been held against their will. Paul comforted Nikki until his brother Steve and Peggy Brooks helped them escape.

It wasn’t long before Nikki needed Paul’s help again. Nikki had been living with Rick Daros, who was deeply in love with her. When Victor uncovered that Rick had murdered his last wife, Rick convinced Nikki to go on a trip to St. Croix with him. Victor turned to Paul and his partner Andy, who helped bring Nikki home. Though Rick ended up abducting Nikki soon after, Paul and his father Carl saved her.

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