Saying goodbye.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 1993 when Eve Howard died…

Family and friends received the sad news that their beloved Katherine Chancellor has passed away. Many years ago, Cole Howard was faced with the death of his mother Eve. Eve had been on a cruise when she received a devastating letter from Cole, who announced that he’d fallen in love with Victoria Newman. She had believed that Cole was her son with Victor and immediately returned to Genoa City to break the news that Victoria was Cole’s half-sister.

Not long after Eve arrived in town she became very ill and was rushed to the hospital. Eve went in and out of consciousness and tried to tell Cole that Victor was his father. Unfortunately, Eve died, and after her funeral Cole and Victoria rushed to Vegas to elope. Upon their return, Victor was forced to tell the newlyweds that Cole was his son, and Cole and Victoria had their marriage annulled. It was later revealed through a blood test that Rick Daros was Cole’s father, not Victor, and Cole and Victoria remarried.

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