Restless Rant Week of August 12-16:

It’s heart-breaking to see viewers become so disillusioned with “Y&R.” It has definitely gone downhill. I tried to introduce a new viewer to the show this week and let’s just say it didn’t go well – understandably so. Why are we watching characters spend half of their scenes discussing bookshelves or air conditioning, or folding napkins? Why is it necessary for the characters to tell us that another Newman/Abbott feud is beginning – stating the obvious makes for cringe-worthy dialogue. “Y&R” has been tedious to sit through – it’s lost heart. Thoughts:

Big baby.
Well, the week kicked off with Dylan delivering a large, perfectly clean, silent baby into a snow white towel in their dingy warehouse apartment. Ye gad. Chelsea then babbled about them both being big babies, which explained away the issue of the newborn not looking like your typical preemie. Sigh. If this dude still hasn’t copped on to the baby being Adam’s, he almost deserves what’s coming. My guess is that he knows, or suspects, and has decided to ignore it, meaning he isn’t being completely honest either. In any case, whenever Chelsea starts up her headache-inducing yammering about Dylan or Adam ‘finding out the truth’, I wish for someone to swing a suitcase up the side of her head. Also, how hypocritical is Chelsea for disowning Anita for being a con, when she’s doing what she’s doing? Gah!

Wants everything.
When Melanie ran into Adam at Crimson Lights she asked if they could have a civil conversation and then proceeded to tell him she wouldn’t stop until he was ruined. Huh?

Tea party.
Victoria arguing with Chloe about Billy seems pointless, since Victoria now knows Billy was gambling, not cheating. As for Kevin’s tea party with Delia, it was cute that he let her dress him up, but it would have been way more fun for smirking Alex to have noticed him wearing earrings in the police station rather than Paul.

Never be free.
So, Fen trotted off to rehab and Lauren then got a text message from Carmine that she’d never be free of him. I’m not really feeling it, since they never adequately explained Carmine’s obsession or let viewers in on how he came to be that way. They could have used Carmine’s character differently given that he had chemistry with numerous Genoa City ladies.

Jabot jobs.
Devon just needs to go work for Tucker in the music industry – he’d be so much happier than dealing with the drama at Jabot. Tyler will obviously return and bring Noah with him. Clearly Tyler is confident that they will let him do the hiring. Is Neil even working there anymore? It seems that brooding about the blogger has become his full-time job. Even knowing the blogger is most likely Hilary, who is most likely Rose’s daughter, isn’t making this storyline more intriguing. It’s just making us dread how long it will take Neil to figure it out. Meanwhile, Hilary’s gone from dynamic to creepy, and it feels like just another stalker-ish story. Next.

Abby isn’t like Abby anymore. She’s now this typical blonde who over-analyzes everything that goes on with Tyler, and acts almost unsure of herself at times – so not Abby!