Restless Rant
Week of August 5 – 9:

“Y&R” continues to be bland overall, with some stories even eliciting groans when the characters involved appear on the screen. Several storylines have had some intriguing developments. Thoughts:

The scene with Summer telling Victor off was the best thing to come out of the paternity storyline this week. Girl’s got spunk! Second-best was Nikki confronting Sharon. It was strange, however, that Nikki said to Nick that Sharon never does anything unless it’s for herself, given that the Sharon character hasn’t historically been that sort of person. Having a plot point in which Faith draws a family picture like Cassie did way back when was a tad annoying. Also, why was Cassie suddenly seeming to cheer Sharon on in her efforts to net Nick, when she previously seemed to be trying to make her think about the consequences of her actions and urging her to come clean? Here’s hoping the truth comes out before Summer and Jack bond as father and daughter. Loved that squirrely look that came over Sharon’s face when Summer brought up the lipstick from the stairwell – so funny. Nick’s pain over Summer is palpable, but Kyle’s is the opposite, so that’s still not working. Down in Georgia, was that a ‘chem test’ between Avery and Jack? It would certainly be a tangled web if they found themselves bonding and attracted to one another, however, it might be a bland pairing. What’s your opinion of a possible Jack/Avery match-up?

Maximum jail time.
Here’s hoping Fen realizes how lucky he is; this kid always gets off easy. He set the whole thing with Michael holding a gun on Carmine into motion with his lie that Carmine gave him drugs, yet his parents clucked and cooed and tried to make him feel better about himself when he admitted it. It’s not as if he’s learned anything…he lied to Paul as well. Gah.

Saving Newman.
While the ‘girl who cried rape’ storyline makes one wish it would just end quickly, it will be interesting to see how Adam will get himself out of it, how Victor will play it, and now, how Victor will deal with Billy, who has fully inserted himself into this drama by trying to blackmail the Black Knight himself. Yike.