Restless Rant
Week of July 29 – August 2:

Watching “Y&R” these days feels a bit like watching a sequel to a favorite movie. It’s still the same title, mostly the same characters, but somehow just not the same. It has its moments, but it’s not stellar like it should be. Not helping is the predominantly unhappy vibe the show is sporting – soaps are dramas, but are also supposed to provide some escape. Thoughts:

Crack in the foundation.
Neil’s blogger storyline still isn’t intriguing viewers to any degree. So far, the whole premise seems kind of unbelievable and it’s been the source of way too many boring scenes. What could Neil possibly have done to incur such a wrath when he only crossed paths with Rose once? Could Hilary be the blogger? Who knows, but it’s annoying for her to be acting like a stalker when we already have Carmine’s storyline on the go. At least the tension created by the blogs about Cane and Lily almost caused a sex scene between Abby and Tyler. Darn couch!

Cabin chaos.
The fight between Carmine and Michael was a nice bit of excitement, as silly as it may have looked. Just tell me how Carmine silently escaped and closed the door behind himself so Paul could kick it in. How? Back at the station, both Kevin and Michael learned they were off the hook. Amazing. Kevin even kept his job, receiving nothing worse than a warning from Paul and a dirty look from Detective Whatshername! Of course they’ll have to go another round with Carmine at some point since he’s holed up in a room somewhere vowing not to let Lauren go. Honestly, I don’t know how Lauren’s nerves aren’t completely shot. Especially when you factor in her train wreck son, who now has them heading back to the police station again.

The gambling devil.
It made little sense for this Melanie chick to want to help Billy, or for Billy to want to involve himself in this messiness with Adam in order to get Newman back for Victoria, when Newman was the cause of their issues in the first place. Victoria and Billy are fun when they’re in passion and romance mode, but watching Billy in ‘make it up to you’ mode time and again gets boring. Plotting to build Victoria a bookcase? Yeah, riveting stuff.

There’s another way…
So Melanie’s plan ‘B’ was to lie about being raped? Why do I feel like if Paul had leaned over his desk and said ‘boo’, she’d fall apart? It’s too hard to suddenly buy her as calculating enough to pull this off when she was shown to have no game with Victor and Adam previously. Also, wouldn’t Paul find it odd that she filed a lawsuit for sexual harassment first and later decided to come forward with a rape story? In any case, Adam is being made to look overconfident, which is foreshadowing that he’s going to go through the wringer. By the way, why haven’t we seen Victor lately?