Aiding to bring a new life into the world.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 2006 when Phyllis Newman delivered her daughter Summer with the help of Jack Abbott…

Ever since Chelsea lied to Dylan and told him he was the father of her child he vowed to be there for her during her pregnancy, the birth of ‘their child’ and beyond. Almost seven years ago, Jack stepped up to the plate and helped Phyllis deliver Summer in an elevator at Newman. Nick, who was married to Sharon at the time, had an affair with Phyllis, which ultimately caused their separation.

Phyllis had been told that she could never have children, so when she turned up pregnant it was a shock to many. She informed Nick that her baby could also be Jack’s, which led to Nick taking a paternity test. As we know now the results were inconclusive, but Nick remained quiet for years and disappointed Phyllis by going back to Sharon and Noah. Jack had been disappointed as well to learn he hadn’t been the baby’s father.

Nick and Sharon’s reconciliation was short lived, and Nick and Phyllis eloped with plans to raise their child together. Phyllis had planned to have a caesarean birth, due to the baby being breech, but ended up trapped in a Newman elevator with Jack on her way to the hospital. When she went into labor, Phyllis instructed Jack to remove something from her purse in order to help deliver the baby.

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