Restless Rant
Week of July 22 – 26:

“Y&R” continues to motor along with some fantastic acting (always can be counted upon) and some good story angles, however, other stories are dragging, some characters seem like ghosts of their former selves, and the passion and comedy have been dialed down too low. There’s a sense of waiting for, or hoping that, things will kick up a couple of notches or snap back into place. Thoughts:

Sexual harassment.
While it will be interesting to see what Adam makes of Melanie’s complaint against him, it seemed a little odd for her to agree to help Billy (a virtual stranger) and risk ruining her employment future because he needed a ‘big gesture’. Also, Victoria ‘getting Newman back’ won’t erase Billy’s gambling troubles, and it was a cause of tension between them before. How long until Victor’s role in Billy’s gambling is exposed? Or will it be?

Penthouse pow-wow.
Summer and Kyle’s talk about how they’re still hot for each other even though they now believe they are siblings was questionable. It’s one thing to not be able to just shut off the attraction, but it’s another to say you’re worried about giving in to it. Gah!

Gala fundraiser.
Most boring gala ever aside from Adam spouting off about Nick (loved the cannibal line), and the drama in the stairwell outside.

Call the authorities.
It was a bit of a letdown that that there wasn’t a Phyllis/Sharon catfight right there in the cemetery when Phyllis realized what her nemesis had done. That said, Phyllis took the time to call out Sharon on who she had hurt with her ‘trick’ before storming off. Later, she rose to the occasion in their second confrontation, by calling Sharon a demented b****. Sharon’s half-determined/half-embarrassed and worried demeanor has been a perfect way to play this as she went into damage control mode. It was a high point in this storyline to be reminded why this rivalry is one of the best in “Y&R’s” history. Later, it was surprising in a good way that Phyllis actually woke up after surgery instead of just being left unconscious. Sharon was in the hospital on Friday’s episode, so it remains to be seen if her presence will somehow lead to Phyllis taking a turn for the worst. The twists of Sharon talking to Cassie (who is giving straight-up advice), and Sharon’s lost lipstick, are working nicely in this plot as well.

Hospital drama.
Excellent scenes in the hospital with Adam and Billy separately showing up to support Jack, and Nick and Jack bickering. We also had the expected hospital bedside heartfelt speeches to Phyllis. Many weren’t feeling Avery’s loyal and loving sister routine given everything that she’s done, but there was no denying Summer’s talk to her mom was heartfelt; viewers felt her vulnerability. Jack’s was an emotional outpouring of feelings (he makes viewers ‘feel’ like no other), but his love for Phyllis is uncomfortable because she has always put him second-best. Deep down he knows it too, which is why he could misinterpret her saying Nick’s name after his proposal.