Restless Rant
Week of July 15 – 19:

“Y&R” has brought some compelling drama and acting to the screen again this week, but some things are off. In what universe does Victoria hug Phyllis, Phyllis urge Avery to make Nick happy, and Sharon change DNA results? As always, it was amazing to see Gloria, Jeff, and Nikki. Here’s hoping for more of them – most viewers would prefer to see their airtime increased than to watch newbies. Thoughts:

How-to book.
The drama surrounding Summer’s paternity has been amazing to watch in some cases, and less impressive in other instances. When Noah learned Summer wasn’t his sister, his anger and upset was evident, but he shook his finger in Nick’s face for a few minutes and then basically went back to wiping the bar. Why wasn’t he left reeling? Why didn’t he reach out to Summer? Wouldn’t he also have been concerned about the effect the news might have on Sharon? Kyle’s interactions still come over flat – he doesn’t feel ‘all in’ like the others involved. Meanwhile, the low-key demeanor Phyllis has been sporting is so not her it’s almost chilling. She’s always felt more passionately about Nick than Jack, so why hasn’t she had any sort of personal crisis moment, even privately, over no longer sharing a child with him? Why hasn’t she had a candid phone conversation with Daniel? Much more believable would be Phyllis acting edgy and irritable over all of this happening outside of her control, and inappropriately lashing out, but instead she’s making nice; she even told Avery to make Nick happy! Obviously they’re preparing for the Phyllis character to leave the canvas, but it’s just not realistic. Conversely, she seemed like the old snarky Phyllis when she sparred with Adam at Crimson Lights – awesome scene.

The twist with Sharon having changed the DNA results gets a mixed review. On the plus side, there’s no denying Sharon is entertaining when she’s off-kilter, and it means at some point (hopefully sooner rather than later) we will get to see another emotional reveal. The issue, of course, is buying into Sharon switching DNA results. First of all, how did she manage it? Secondly, it’s not who Sharon is, so we have to assume she’s ‘off her meds’ or that her bi-polar condition is somehow going to be blamed; and yet she’s not acting out in other ways…

Keep your mouth shut.
Thank goodness we had Jeff sniffing around for a payout and Victoria calling in a favor to liven things up on Planet McAvoy. Honestly, Chelsea offering to make Dylan a home-cooked meal on the hotplate was about the limit. Let’s hope Dylan’s finally getting a clue and we can get on with this…