Toxic secrets.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 1998 when Sharon Newman found out that her best friend Grace Turner had slept her with husband, Nick Newman…

This week there was an accident as a result of Sharon’s secret surrounding Summer’s paternity, but years ago Nick was the one keeping secrets from Sharon… Nick first met Sharon’s best friend Grace when she moved to Genoa City and had been helping to support him and Sharon during Noah’s pre-mature birth. Believing Noah would die, Grace set out to find the daughter Sharon had given up at birth, Cassie. Though Grace found Cassie and brought her to town, she kept her identity a secret for quite some time.

Grace had been staying at the ranch to help Sharon out. When Nick returned home drunk one night, she allowed him to believe she was Sharon and slept with Nick right in Noah’s nursery. Nick had been stunned to realize his mistake the next morning and begged Grace to stay quiet. Grace did as Nick asked but used the secret to become his assistant at Newman and continued to plot to steal him away from Sharon.

Sharon backed out of going on a business trip with Nick, in order to tend to a sick Noah. Nick had been upset with Sharon and allowed Grace to go with him instead. Grace seduced Nick during their trip. Sharon ended up finding out that they’d slept together while away and later moved out of their home.

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