Restless Rant
January 26 – 30:

Well, this week some things moved right along, so I’m mostly happy, except for two huge things: the continuity issue, and the fact that it was Brad’s last week on The Young and the Restless!

So, this random, piecey, patchwork-style of delivering storylines is on my last nerve. I’ve expressed on numerous occasions my inability to connect with the Tyra character – well it’s no wonder – she’s only on once or twice every other week! Karen, Neil, and Ana are also MIA. There has been no resolve on Neil’s work situation at Newman Enterprises either! It’s immensely frustrating to try to invest in stories or characters that disappear – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – momentum, people! It’s all about the build and the momentum – which is impossible to achieve if the players are off screen for significant periods of time. I’m sure I remember a time when the storylines made appearances every other day on a consistent basis – a return to this formula is advisable.

As for the Brad situation – many feel that his exit was a mistake on the show’s part – here’s hoping they’ve realized that, and that his body won’t be recovered – leaving the possibility of a return open. I spent the entire week getting choked up every time he appeared in a scene or a flashback! With the exception of a certain period in Y&R’s history in which the character was written very poorly, Brad has been a great character and an important part of the show’s dynamic – such a loss!

Here’s how this week rolled:

Gloria’s Shares:
The week began with everyone stopping by the county jail to make a bid for Gloria’s Jabot stock. Am I the only one who just can’t seem to work up to caring about this at all?! It seemed like a waste of an episode, when we all knew Victor would get the shares – he always gets what he wants! The good news is that Gloria is now out of the picture where Jabot is concerned, so we get a break from her scheming in that respect for a while. The bad news, of course, is that Jeffrey still holds shares. It’s all so stale…

Victor’s Secret Meetings:
Interesting couple of curve balls, in having Victor meet with Billy, and then Jill. I might mention here that Billy Miller did an excellent job in his scenes with the Big Kahuna, Eric Braeden – Billy really held his own! Nice complicating factor, also, that Billy made a conscious decision not to tell his brother Jack about the tete-a-tete at Newman! Victor’s meeting with Jill was brilliant. I’ve been waiting for her to get a kick in the butt, and this is it – she gets control of Jabot back, but has to appoint Billy CEO over Cane! This is a sweet bit of payback for some of her ruthlessness, but in contrast, her real concern about Cane’s feelings shows her other side. Nice bit of writing – too bad we haven’t heard or seen anything on this plot since Monday!

From the beginning of the week, with the fax debacle, and the ‘outed’ meeting with Brad, it’s become apparent that Phyllis is rapidly becoming her own worst enemy, as is the tradition with this character. That’s okay – Phyllis is much more entertaining when she’s in a tizzy or plotting! In spite of the fact that Sharon has realized that she wants to be with Nick again, it’s the issues between Nick and Phyllis themselves that seem to be the biggest threat to the marriage at this point. Phyllis can’t help her suspicions, given the kiss in Paris, and Nick can’t do much to gain back trust as long as he is involved with Sharon at work, and through their son. Neither Sharon nor Phyllis can change how they feel, but Nick’s actions in both marriages have been just selfish! I’d like to see both women turn their backs on him! I know, I know, that would be no fun for the viewers who cheer for couples, would it? But just for a little while, I’d love to see it happen! In any case, this triangle has sort of become uncomfortable – like something has to give – so here’s hoping they get on with it – one way or the other! Worth noting this week are Sharon Case’s scenes where she’s penning the letter to Nick in the cabin – just like watching a real woman’s private moments of pain and emotion – as opposed to someone playing a part. She did a great job! Kudos!

The Fab Foursome:
I wholeheartedly agree with the 80% of readers in our poll that said they were happy that Amber and Kevin made up! I enjoyed the scenes of the foursome breaking into the pawnshop – I love the different vibe their scenes bring to the show! The four actors have a great chemistry in any combination – I even sensed a pull between Kevin and Amber during her heartfelt apologies – like for a second it was as though they might kiss! So weird! I find it so heartwarming that this little band of off-beat characters are the ones helping Katherine Chancellor, and not her ‘daughters’ the hoity-toity Nikki and Jill!

Katherine’s Identity: How insane is the lack of DNA testing, or dental records, or a blood test at this point? Especially when you have a lawyer and a private investigator on the case! Oh well, there wouldn’t be a story if they just proved her identity in a day, so I’m willing to go along with it a while longer. I just hope that it doesn’t get all caught up in the Clint Radison drama and wind up taking until May sweeps to resolve! BTW, go Katherine and Murphy! Cutest couple on the show right now!