Restless Rant
Week of July 1 – 5:

As discussed last week, “Y&R” has some issues. readers had their say in last week’s Restless Rant poll, in which only 7% of nearly 2000 voters indicated they felt positively about the show. Thoughts on this week:

A rose by any other name.
So now the quest for ‘Rose’ is a quest for ‘Anne’. Gah. Maybe if they had firmly established Leslie’s character before delving into this long, dragged on mystery about her family, viewers would care. It’s fast-forward material. As for Neil and the blog scandal, not only does the story need a jumpstart, but it’s strange that he and Jack haven’t had so much as a conversation about the effect on Jabot, given that Neil is running the fashion division. In fact, no one else in town has talked about it, or brought it up to Neil or any of his family members. Wouldn’t this be huge? It’s like this storyline is playing out in a bubble.

Just snapping.
There was possibly some foreshadowing in the conversation between Paul and Michael about the woman who just snapped, raged out, and murdered her cheating husband. With the sudden existence of a Carmine/Lauren sex tape, things could surely get ugly. As for Carmine and the Lauren look-alike – what was up with that? Anyway, Michael and Lauren have been going two steps forward, one step back, which seems about right, and Paul gave himself a bit of a break this week by putting some closure on the Ricky situation. Nice.

Rock him hard.
In another bit of foreshadowing, Billy talked about Jack having been able to beat his addiction demons because nothing has rocked him hard enough to send him back to them. Well, he’s about to be rocked right out of the mansion with the news that Summer’s his daughter, Phyllis kept it from him, and Phyllis kissed Kyle. That’s if anyone ever gets around to telling him of course. Anyway, the Abbott brothers did not disappoint this week – Jack dealing with drunk, broken Billy was fab.

No-good loser.
Nikki and Billy’s discussion about addiction was also very good; very realistic. Then Victor blew in and kicked Billy out, calling him a worthless addict loser. It’s absolutely true-to-form for him to say those insults to Billy, but to repeatedly state right in front of Nikki that addicts are worthless losers and not ‘get’ why it upset her seemed a tad too clueless for such a shrewd man.

Victor’s spy.
It looks like newbie #9, er, Melanie, has managed to get herself caught in the middle of Victor and Adam’s battle of wits. It probably would have been more interesting to watch someone we know, who is capable of holding their own with the Newman men, find themselves in this precarious position. Melanie is clearly in over her head – so awkward to watch.

It was satisfying to see Jill put that snippy Hilary newbie on notice. That girl has an agenda, and Jill was onto her from the word ‘go’. Love it.