Life turned upside-down.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 2006 when Lily Winters found out that her Uncle Malcolm was really her biological father…

Summer’s world has come crashing down around her since finding out about her real paternity, and years ago Lily faced a similar issue. Malcolm and Dru, who’d slept together one night while Dru had been overmedicated, found out years later that Lily had been Malcolm’s daughter. Though they decided to keep it from Lily, she found out the truth all the same.

Lily, who’d been married to Daniel at the time, had been so upset she messed up in sending an email to Daniel, which went to ‘Dad’ Neil instead. Lily tried to intercept the email but decided to tell Neil the truth. Neil had been furious to learn of Dru and Malcolm’s deceit, which led to his separation with Dru. In the end, Neil learned to live with the fact that his brother was Lily’s biological father but always treated her as if she were his own.

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