Shannon & Judith SOAPnet's Night Before Party 2008

Ask any fan of The Young and the Restless what they think of Gloria Bardwell (Judith Chapman), and they will most certainly tell you one of two things. They either love her, or they love to hate her! Either way, their deep rooted emotions around Gloria are a direct result of the powerful performance that her portrayer (Chapman) delivers in every scene! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the fabulous Judith Chapman at previous Emmy Awards Events and immediately put her on the ‘must have’ list for interviews with I’m happy to say that the wait is over! Judith took a quick break from her latest project (a new play) and recently called me from her home in Palm Springs to chat a bit. What can you tell me about the latest play that you are working on?

Judith: Last year we did a play called “The Trial of the Catonsville 9” and I had everyone come down to Palm Springs. Well, there’s a Theatre that I am involved with, (I’m a company member) a very exciting new theatre company doing only original work. I offered and thought, why can’t “The Troubadours of Daytime” (a nickname that Judith came up with for the group) do something and have it be a fundraiser for the theatre. So, I’m putting something together now and working on the play, but it needs some trimming down and some editing. It was actually written by a former writer of “The Young and the Restless” (Jim Inman) and was presented to me last year (after “The Trial of the Catonsville 9”) by John Conboy (original producer of Y&R). John’s been a good friend for many years and it evolved, you know this circular thing of using actors from “The Young and the Restless”, a play written by a former writer from Y&R and a former producer from Y&R. Last year was a much larger cast, this will be just four of us and it would be very soon. Last year I had 6 months to prepare and get it on and it was wonderful. People came from all over the country and we raised money for Kiva. And for all the people that did come so far to see the play, we are still making loans through KIVA! They make micro-loans to people around the world, so we’ve opened lots of bakeries, bought cows in god knows where, and pigs in Cambodia…really helping people. And the loans are repaid, so it truly is a gift that keeps on giving! As the bank diminishes, the people pay the loans and we’re able to make more loans. This one however, would be a fundraiser for the theater, and in these challenging times, asking people to give funds to support a theatre (a fledgling theatre, as good as it is) would be a challenge. The LA Times is calling it the best new theatre to come down the pike in years, and quite frankly it is. So, I thought that maybe the Troubadours of daytime could help out a little bit. Well, Daytime does have the most loyal of fans and they will surely come out to see you guys.

Judith: Absolutely they are! So, that’s what I’ve been working on and the time keeps getting away from me. I have to tell you that I love the Kiva website. That whole idea is just brilliant and I didn’t know about it before learning it from you!