Sealing the deal.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to July 2011 when Billy Abbott was arrested for soliciting a prostitute…

Chloe may currently be concerned about Billy and his gambling but years ago she had one thing on her mind, keeping his time with their daughter limited. Chloe had a major issue with Billy’s bad habits and sought out full-custody of Delia. Though she testified as to why Billy should only have limited access to their daughter, Victoria thought otherwise and told a judge that Billy was as devoted a father as any.

Billy went to Jimmy’s Bar to wash down some of his troubles and was approached by a prostitute, who wanted a little fun. Before Billy knew what was happening he was arrested on the spot for soliciting a prostitute. This was the final nail in his coffin, which led to him losing the custody battle. He was given limited, supervised visitation, and Chloe was awarded full-custody of Delia.

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