A tragedy.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to the mid-1980s when Traci miscarried a child while married to Brad Carlton…

These days Traci’s family was wondering why she really came back to Genoa City but years ago heartache was to blame for a very emotional time in her life. Traci first fell in love with Brad when he’d worked as the Abbott’s groundskeeper. The couple married, but Brad’s new career at Jabot took precedence over his marriage to Traci. Things became even worse when Traci went away to Stanford for graduate school.

Traci’s high school rival, Lauren Fenmore, began an affair with Brad, which he put the brakes on upon Traci’s return home. Traci had been excited after winning a writing contest, but Brad didn’t want her to return to Stanford. Craving something to keep her happy, Traci wanted to have a baby with Brad, which he agreed to. Soon, Traci became pregnant. Lisa Mansfield, Brad’s ex, appeared and kidnapped Brad. For all Traci knew Brad had run off and began an affair with her. She became so upset that she ended up miscarrying their child.

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