Restless Rant
Week of January 19 – 23:

Everything feels like it’s dragging this week – with the possible exception of Esther’s rapidly improving love life! I find the period before a sweeps week is generally slower, as the writers stretch storylines out so that they reach their climax during the big ratings time. Victor’s revenge, Katherine’s identity, Chloe’s baby, Nick/Phyllis/Sharon, are all stories being affected by the slowdown. Here’s how the week looked:

Wow! Did she have a glow or what?! Things happened pretty fast for Esther and Roger, but show a starving woman a meal… It’s been a long, long time since Esther had any nookie, but naturally, the poor trusting soul is going to pay a hefty price for grasping a shot at happiness. How about that grouchy naysayer, Jill?! Raining on Esther’s parade and then firing Roger! Jealous much? This woman may need her engine tuned up even more than Esther did! The one good point Jill made was that Esther might have been a bit more cautious in light of her past ‘errors in judgment’ – like the one who got Rex Sterling killed! Considering Roger has Clint Radison on speed dial, it’s not likely this is going to turn out any better…

Clint Radison: It seems there are mixed feelings about his return. Some don’t want to see the past revisited in this manner, getting the sense that it’s an old tale about to be recycled. Others are excited to see a familiar face, no matter how devious, and welcome the intrigue, and the possible storyline for Gina. Personally, I’m going with it for now, and I hope Gina gets involved, but here’s hoping it doesn’t mean the Katherine identity story is going to be dragged out beyond belief – it’s already a stretch asking us to accept that she wouldn’t have had a DNA test by now. It seems everyone on has thought of this, but only one character on the show has raised the idea – Michael – and bizarrely, he’s waiting to get permission from the court! Hello, you can pay to have one done!

Adopting Ana: I have a few things to say about this storyline. First, I want to see more of Rafe – he’s adorable! Second, Karen suddenly deciding that she wants to adopt Ana is bizarre. Karen has made all of her choices in the past very carefully and with much deliberation – this is just totally out of character for her! Makes no sense. Third, viewers haven’t really connected with Tyra, and making her kiss a newly married man, then schizophrenically bounce from fighting for her daughter, to leaving town, is not helping matters any! I’m looking forward to my upcoming chat with Eva Marcille, who plays Tyra, perhaps she’ll be able to shed a little light on where this character is coming from, and help us gain some understanding of her motivations!

This week’s episodes have left a bad taste in my mouth for the Abby character. They’re really writing her as spoiled and selfish! Mind you, many teen girls do act that way – it’s just irritating to watch. I’m also wondering what Ashley is thinking. Moving her daughter in with Victor at the drop of a hat is bad enough, but allowing him to go ahead and try to buy Abby’s affections is a definite parenting no-no! Ashley is a smart lady, and I’m hoping that when she gets wind of what Victor is trying to do to Brad at Newman Enterprises that she’ll see the light – he’s trying to cut Abby’s father out of her life, regardless of how she might feel about it! How about Victor’s excuse to Brad that he doesn’t want him on the Board anymore because it’s a family company – so, all of the other Board members are relatives?! It’s so annoying, but also sad in a way – Victor has to control everything and everyone in order to feel secure in his life. I wonder if JT and Victoria will tattle about Brad’s corporate espionage?!