Restless Rant
Week of June 3 – 7:

Another decent, but not too exciting week in Genoa City. Thoughts:

Fake dad jackpot.
Chelsea sunk a notch lower this week by not only continuing to lie to Adam and Dylan, but by making Adam feel responsible for her medical emergency when she’s actually bringing the stress on herself. Anyway, she had a sandwich and moved on, while Avery consoled Adam. Now that dynamic is vaguely intriguing… Anyway, it’s going to be a very long nine months if it’s going to consist of Chelsea whining daily to Chloe about how guilty she feels about lying while indulging herself in Dylan’s kindnesses and romantic gestures. Their burgeoning love story has had its moments (like Dylan telling Chelsea he bought a pullout couch and giving her a significant look – cute), but Chelsea’s selfish secret makes it just too tough to invest in. In other Dylan news, he bought himself Crimson Lights this week and seems to be considering changing the name. What do you think about that idea? Let know by voting in our Y&R Name Change poll.

Fresh start.
Chloe and Kevin’s fresh start feels more like a stale end. This pairing has been so dragged out and the characters damaged by the nonsensical storyline. Why is the chipmunk situation repeatedly being brought up as though it was something Kevin did on a lark to get his jollies? We also heard Alex remark that ‘Kevin is a junkie and stealing is his fix’. So weird. And what was with Kevin rudely going off on Alex after being late for his community service? Further, why would Alex tell Kevin he is trying to help him so he won’t lose everything? It makes zero sense for Alex to give a flying fudge if Kevin loses everything. Why would he care? As for Alex and NuAbby, if the idea is to build sexual tension by having them unable to find time alone, it’s not working. Alex himself is walking, talking sexual tension, but he had far more chemistry with Chloe while grilling her across the counter at Crimson Lights. Yes, I’d definitely like to see him, ahem, grill Chloe again…

Happy birthday surprise.
It turned out to be a night of surprises at the Lily and Cane household on her birthday, beginning with her showing up tipsy on Tyler’s arm and ending with her discovery that someone had posted a blog about her straying tendencies. Does anyone have any idea who might be responsible for posting Neil’s journal entries? Who could be out to get him and not mind hurting Lily in the process? I’m stumped. Anyway, Lily and Tyler’s close working relationship led to Devon’s inner crabby old man making an appearance as he grilled Tyler and lectured Lily with curmudgeonly abandon. He also was stubbornly insistent about making changes to Tyler and Lily’s campaign. All in all, very annoying; Tucker come and get him!

Moving out.
Tyler and Noah moving in together seems like a situation with potential, although ‘frat boy’ Noah is going to get old fast; it’s just not him. As for the heavy old couch, since trying to lift it results in Tyler getting sweaty and removing his shirt, here’s hoping they keep trying to make room for that pool table!