A symbol of comfort.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to 2008 when Chloe Mitchell gave Cane Ashby a peek into her childhood…

These days Chloe has no other choice but to face some realizations where her marriage to Kevin is concerned, and years ago she had to do the same in regards to her childhood. Chloe, who’d changed her name from Kate, caused quite a bit of drama upon her arrival in Genoa City. Not only did she set Cane up to believe he’d gotten her pregnant, but she announced the news just as Cane planned to propose to Lily. At Lily’s persistence Cane set out to take care of the mother of his child and married Chloe.

Esther was stunned to find out Chloe was in fact her daughter Kate. Chloe resented her mother for shipping her off to boarding school. Esther begged for forgiveness and claimed she’d only done so to prevent ‘Kate’ from ending up becoming a maid like her, which always embarrassed ‘Kate’. Chloe confided in Cane how her father left her mother before she’d been born. She used to carry something around in remembrance of the man she’d never known until Esther threw it away and replaced it with a white teddy bear.

Do you remember what Chloe cherished that Esther later replaced with the white teddy bear? Vote below.