Restless Rant
Week of May 27 – 31:

“Y&R” felt different this week, and notably, Genoa City hasn’t been an overly happy place to visit. Some balance is needed, as well as a re-commitment to having core characters leading the charge (and behaving like themselves) so the show doesn’t become unrecognizable to established viewers. The loss of some important veteran actresses and the steady parade of newbies is making fans feel wary. Thoughts:

Putting up walls.
The Newman storyline is becoming stale what with Victor’s uncharacteristically benign and laid back behavior, Adam moping and angry, and the juvenile quibbling between Victoria and Adam. Watching, you feel like you just want them all to snap out of it. It makes no sense for Adam to be mooning after Chelsea like she’s his great love, when even she knows she’s not; Sharon is. Chelsea’s a plain Jane con-artist, not a romantic heroine or leading lady type character. As for Victor, he may want his family together, but it’s still weird the way he’s mooching around after Adam’s behind, not to mention his attempts to share warm fuzzy father/son bonding sessions. For her part, Victoria is definitely shrewder than to sabotage her own agenda by having petty squabbles with Adam as though they’re back in the sandbox. Guess it’s the hormones making her so emotional, right? Sigh.

Working out.
The four-way workout session at the GCAC with Adam, Billy, Nick, and Dylan was nothing to complain about, though it was a little annoying to have Dylan jammed in there with the other three, who have legitimate history together. In the end, it only made him look even more clueless when it was revealed that Chelsea had also bore Billy’s child, and Dylan of course had no idea. This guy is buying everything she’s saying and running around town defending her without really knowing who she is at all.

Chelsea’s psychic told her all this bunk about Adam, and she went running straight to Chloe to rehash it. Of course Chloe told her to ‘stay strong’ and stick with Dylan. Is anyone else confused as to why Chloe seems to have such a huge stake in keeping Chelsea away from Adam? Wouldn’t most friends tell the person to do what makes them happy? Just sayin’.

Becoming irrelevant.
Chloe and Kevin have needed to split up since they got together, but most wouldn’t have chosen to have it happen via this character regression fest. The whole idea that he wants to steal for kicks is offensive; and now Delia’s stealing too? Awful. As for the coffee house, if it’s suddenly become ‘irrelevant’, it seems unlikely that Dylan Do-Good would be able to salvage it by serving up his special brand of humble pie, yet something tells me that’s exactly what will happen…

Hard dose of reality.
It seemed a little strange that Phyllis would be the one to suggest talking to Summer about Cassie, but it was a good storyline tie-in on the whole. The talk with Summer was interesting, and Sharon watching Nick and Phyllis together was distracting, as it made you wonder what she was thinking. Anyway, Summer seemed to ‘get’ it, but it may not change how she does things. She didn’t seem to learn anything from Jamie nearly doing himself in, so why should this be any different? What did you think of the idea of talking to Summer about Cassie’s death? Let us know by voting in’s Y&R The Talk poll.