The end.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 1999 when Malcolm Winters asked Olivia for a divorce…

Michael recently confided in his mother that his marriage is falling apart, and years ago another marriage did just that and ended in divorce. Malcolm quickly fell in love with Olivia and her son Nate, and the couple was married in 1997. Olivia was a dedicated doctor and began neglecting her marriage, due to long hours at the hospital.

Olivia expressed a lack of trust in Malcolm and suspected he had taken up with his past love Callie Rogers. Her jealousy ended up briefly driving Malcolm closer to Callie. When he tried to strengthen his marriage to Olivia she began to wonder if she even wanted to be married to him after all, due to her attraction to his brother Neil. After both experienced more fluctuating feelings toward each other Malcolm and Olivia finally threw in the towel and divorced.

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