Restless Rant
Week of May 20 – 24:

It’s was a relief to see a little more of the “Y&R” vets this week. Some viewers have been feeling pretty desperate about there being so much focus on the countless newbies. Some vets are missing in action or being sorely underused, while non-core characters such as Avery, Dylan, and Chelsea are featured almost daily. For whatever reasons, longtime viewers aren’t clambering to accept these characters as main players. This could be because they’ve no real roots in Genoa City, it could be due to issues with character development, or both. On the whole, the show hasn’t been ‘must-see’ despite it being May Sweeps. Thoughts:

Penthouse party.
It was tough not to feel a little for Fen after he was set-up by Summer and then beat up, but given what he did to Jamie, the character needed some karmic payback. The party at the penthouse was all sorts of strange. 13 year-olds play ‘Truth or Dare’, not high school grads, and how awkward was it watching Fen lay all over Summer to kiss her? So creepy! They keep stressing that Summer is 18, but she seems 15; it’s a problem for the storyline. On the plus side, Kyle showed actual signs of life when he punched Fen. Unfortunately, many still aren’t feeling NuKyle; he doesn’t look, or act like an Abbott male; no swagger, no smirk, no twinkle in his eye, and no magnetic playboy personality… In any case, Summer’s plan worked. Kyle asked her out on a dull dinner date after watching the dull photo shoot and gave her a dull kiss goodbye later. Sigh.

Unburden yourself.
Some are jazzed about the Summer paternity storyline, others not so much. It’s suddenly hard to relate to our Nick Newman, that’s for sure. Here’s hoping they get maximum dramatic mileage out of it before revealing that she’s Nick’s in the end. It was pretty juicy that Sharon overheard Nick talking to Cassie about the paternity secret on Friday…

My best friend.
It was great fun seeing Michael’s reaction to Fen’s declaration that Carmine saved his butt and was ‘cool’. Michael’s fabulously emotional reactions are riveting, whether he’s quietly devastated or loudly volatile.

Broken record.
It’s awesome to have Traci back in town, though it’s admittedly a tad unsettling for her to suddenly swoop in with this overbearing mother hen routine, consumed with concern over Jack being driven back to pills, when she didn’t even show-up during his addiction meltdown in the first place. Not that there haven’t been very entertaining scenes as a result. Phyllis and Traci hashing it out as Phyllis dragged her bags out the door was classic. Jack trying to pass Traci off to Billy made viewers snicker. Jack having the electricity turned off at Phyllis’ place…cute, but not cute enough. Now that he’s had the lights turned back on he should read the writing on the wall…

Detective do-nothing.
Sexy Detective Alex is one of the newer characters with potential, so it’s disappointing to see him relegated to discussing Carmine with NuAbby, or stuck behind a desk snarking at Kevin about data entry. Worse, he was made to look like a typical soap opera ‘Keystone Cop’ by Kevin, who showed off his hacking skills while doing community service. Get this man a spicy love interest and a storyline!