Restless Rant
Week of May 13 – 17:

Well, it’s May Sweeps and the only storyline truly resonating at this point is Michael and Lauren’s. Thoughts on the week:

Stealing for kicks.
The Chloe/Kevin storyline continues to leave most viewers’ shaking their heads. It’s nearly impossible to relate to them anymore. For viewers, they’ve been basically acting out-of-character because they’ve lived and learned too much to be behaving like such whackjobs.

Chelsea seems to be falling for Dylan and has now decided to continue her lie on a permanent basis. Too bad Victoria appears to know the truth.

Gambling man.
Be careful what you wish for… Many were desperate for Billy to get a storyline, and now he has one – he’s in screw-up mode again. Here’s hoping there’s a twist coming with Billy’s story so that it’s not as predictable as it’s looking – and so he’s not simply written like another Jack, who goes through life repeating the same mistakes over and over. Speaking of which…

Under control.
Jack spent this week trying to convince Traci and John that everything with Phyllis was going swimmingly, so, of course, on Friday she announced she was moving out. Everyone else can see that Jack has set himself up in the same old situation again, yet he refuses to acknowledge it. Jack’s issues definitely play a role in his relationship failures – like how he stubbornly pushes for things to move full speed ahead and won’t listen to the other person.

Lucky man.
Cane and Lily were out together again this week, although they kept getting interrupted. It was tough not to feel for Devon – feeling torn between Neil and Tucker’s enticing offer. Neil didn’t help with his little speech either! In other news, someone’s taking photos of the Rogans and Neil. Hmm. Could this be Rose or someone else? Any theories?