Secret lovers.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the early 1980s when a confession led to jealousy and ultimately Jack Abbott getting shot by Patty Williams…

Kyle recently made a confession to Jack about Summer, and years ago another confession put Patty on a downward spiral. Though her parents didn’t approve Patty fell hard for Jack, who was a Genoa City playboy. One of Jack’s past romps confessed to Patty that she and Jack were secret lovers. Patty tried to forget about Jack and agreed to go out with Danny Romalotti but ended up back in Jack’s arms.

Jack didn’t appreciate the lengths Patty’s father had gone to in order to break them up and married her. Not long into their marriage Patty became pregnant and miscarried after catching Jack with Diane Jenkins. Though she forgave Jack, and begged him to have another child with her, Patty went over the edge after overhearing Jack admit he married her so John would promote him to president of Jabot.

Patty confronted her husband and planned to commit suicide in front of Jack. He tried to stop her by admitting how cruel he’d been and begged Patty to shoot him instead. Patty did exactly as Jack asked and shot him three times.

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