Restless Rant
Week of May 6 – 10:

Not surprisingly, the two most compelling storylines on “Y&R” right now revolve around core characters – the Newman family business drama, and the Michael and Lauren break-up. Anyone else missing characters who bring much-needed flavor to Genoa City, such as Gloria and Jeff? Glo should be up to her neck in her sons’ troubles.

Baby daddy.
This stuff with Chelsea almost telling Adam and Dylan the truth every time she sees them is going to get old. It’s hard to feel anything for Chelsea, who is duping two men in a big way for no real reason at all. Chloe chirping every day that Adam would take the baby away doesn’t make it true, and is also aggravating, because the Chloe that made amends with Esther, loved Chance, and championed her daughter’s battle against leukemia, wouldn’t give Chelsea such bad advice. As for the romantic side of things, Dylan and Chelsea are kind of sweet, but for her to listen to his miscarriage story and still keep lying to him…

I need a maid.
The idea that Sharon and Adam, who historically have had such deep feelings for one another (whether understandable or not), are purportedly just using each other for sex, casts a pall over their romps.

Newman drama.
This three-way chess match between Victor, Victoria, and Adam is intriguing to watch. One never can be sure who is being genuine, which makes every interaction intense. Either Adam or Victor could be setting up the other for a double-cross where the company is concerned. Adam has damaging information on Victor in his arsenal, and there’s Vikki digging for dirt on Adam, not to mention keeping the knowledge that Chelsea’s baby is Adam’s to herself! As Victor pointed out, Adam and Victoria are much more alike than they realize or would be willing to admit – *cough* ruthless *cough* – just like Victor.

House call.
So Nikki got a house call and shared dinner with Dr. Kurt? Interesting that he asked if she was getting enough attention. Hmm. Foreshadowing?

Still in a rut.
So now we’re supposed to believe that Kevin can no longer get turned on unless stolen goods are involved? This storyline just gets more awful. It would be amazing if they could figure out a way to bring back Jana. She grounded Kevin (when she wasn’t in tumor mode), yet they were never dull. Meanwhile, Chloe has chemistry with several men on the canvas – no shortage of possibilities there.