Restless Rant
Week of January 12 – 16:

It was a really good week for The Young and the Restless – tons of drama, lots of compelling story telling happening each day – and a big surprise on Friday! One complaint – there has been excessive amounts of conflict lately! Granted, there’s been a bit of smooching, but I like some real passion in my afternoon – balances out the shouting scenes – of which there have been quite a few recently. I like the intensity of the drama, but need healthy doses of comedy and romance to feel like I’m truly being entertained. Getting right to it – here’s my view of the past week:

Restless Style Shoot
– I totally loved the boxing shoot with Cane and Billy – nice little eye-candy scene courtesy of Chloe’s quick imagination! Seriously, they looked like idiots – but hot idiots – count me in! Very entertaining scenes from start to finish. First, there was Jack and Phyllis exchanging a look over Billy questioning Chloe on not being home on bed rest, next there was Cane arriving to discover he has to deal with Billy. Then there was the neat scene where ‘egomaniac Jack’ sniffs around Chloe – knowing she’s carrying an Abbott baby. Too funny! What else? Phyllis’s run-in with Jack, who tells her she’s still the same person deep down and will always screw things up – hello, pot calling the kettle black!! How about Billy acting like he can’t stand the sight of Chloe, but showing up at her desk after the photo shoot – totally drawn to her! What is it they say – it’s a fine line between love and hate?!

Jack/Billy: I love the scenes between these two. Snappy dialogue, and so believable as members of the same family! More!

Brad in New York: I’m so disappointed with what happens to Brad these days! He loves Sharon, but winds up looking like a sleazeball in New York. Granted, he tainted his sincere feelings by taking Phyllis’s cues and getting caught up in a scheme, but I just hate seeing him portrayed like a chump. Nick really irked me too – who is he to start interrogating Brad on what he’s doing in New York? For all he knew, Sharon could have called him and invited him to come! It was refreshing to see Brad spill his guts though – how many times do we see a character get set to tell the truth and then pull back at the last second?! It’s nice that this is out and they didn’t prolong the agony!

The Fallout: Interesting that Nick, Sharon and Phyllis all had very different points of view in this situation. They had Sharon identify with what Phyllis is going through and tell Nick to go easy on her. This is logical – she wants to take the high road, and she recognizes how Phyllis feels in the wake of the kiss. But let’s not forget, Sharon also knows that she had already given up on her marriage to Jack in her own mind by the time Phyllis did anything – if she was still in love with Jack, she might have been a whole lot more angry with Phyllis, and rightfully so. Nick the caveman sets off for home to reprimand his wife, whose point of view is that she acted out of desperation. Not only did she feel like another woman had set her sights on her husband – but one that has a child and a huge history with him! Honestly, most women in her position would totally panic – the writing has been realistic from this standpoint. The argument between Nick and Phyllis was really well done. Nick ran the gamut from his initial outrage, to realizing that his actions have aggravated any insecurities that Phyllis already had, to wanting to just get past it all. Phyllis’s vehement defense of her position was intense and honest. But I can’t help but feel that this whole triangle is tired – can’t imagine what the writers could do to change that.

Billy/Lily: I can’t bear to reiterate how Lily is a life-experienced young woman, and they are writing her like a high school girl, and it’s wrong, wrong, wrong, so all I’m going to say is that Lily telling Billy that they need to go back to just kissing, after already having sex, was a completely nauseating gag-me-with-a-spoon moment! The idea that playboy Billy would buy into this high school stuff, and be happy to hang out in book stores and volunteer for food drives is just mind-boggling!

The Bookstore: Such an interesting convoluted dynamic between Chloe, Cane, Billy, and Lily – even if it is totally ridiculous that they always end up in the same places at the same time! Interesting how both women eyeballed the other’s interaction with Billy. Nice exchange between the shelves with Cane and Lily. I thought they were dull as a couple, but they certainly have an undeniable connection. Billy, once again, was drawn to Chloe as she sat at the computer. He is cocky, bordering on rude, when he speaks to her, but there is an underlying element of chemistry between them that makes one sense that he is seconds from grabbing her and making mad, passionate love to her! The chemistry between Chloe and Cane has changed too, as they become the comfortable married couple, and the writers focus on her being in love with Billy. Another interesting scene was Lily showing her insecurities by quizzing Billy after he talked to Chloe – when the truth about the baby’s paternity comes out, things are just going to blow up for these four!

New Abby:
Spoiled little rich girl – nuff’ said. Eden had better watch out, it looks like ‘Aunt Abby’ is set to cause problems in her relationship with Noah! This could be entertaining, if it doesn’t become a teenage girl snipefest. What about Abby wanting to call Victor ‘Dad’ because he buys her a million dollar horse? Brat. Ashley is very levelheaded, so I’m actually a little surprised they are writing her daughter as so over-the-top superficial.

The Ana Situation: So, in a week’s blissful time, Karen has decided that she and Neil should adopt Ana? This is a little out of the blue for me – Karen is not an impulsive person at all. Seems the writers are just trying to make her look bad – perhaps so we’ll side with Tyra? Hmmm… Well, it’s still not working for me. If I had my way Tyra would adopt Ana and leave town for good! Devon and Lily even took sides on this one – I enjoyed the scenes with Lily giving Devon a little straight-talk – if only she’d be like that all the time!

Nikki/Paul: Oh great – Nikki has another reason to pout and sob – the woman claiming to be Katherine visited her! I can’t believe Paul bought into this drivel and agreed not to take the case! I would have thought that Nikki would have been the one to get to the bottom of this mystery – maybe with Paul’s help. Disappointing.