Congrats to Vail Bloom, Y&R’s Heather Stevens, whose new online series, Angel of Death, is set to premiere on March 2 2009!

The highly anticipated action-packed online series starring Zoe Bell (Death Proof) and Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess) is set to premiere as a special programming event on, Sony Pictures Entertainment’s online video network.

Angel of Death is about a remorseless assassin, Eve (Zoe Bell), employed by a ruthless crime family. After suffering a severe head trauma while on the job, she begins to hallucinate and becomes haunted by her victims. As a result of her injury, Eve is driven to seek revenge on those who ordered the hits in the first place – her mob employers.

The cast includes Vail Bloom as Regina Downes, as well as, Doug Jones (Pan’s Labyrinth) as Dr. Rankin; Ted Raimi (Xena: Warrior Princess) as Jed Norton; Brian Poth (CSI: Miami) as Graham; Justin Huen (Weeds) as Franklin; and Jake Abel (Cold Case) as Cameron Downes. is excited that Y&R’s Vail is jumping into the relatively new medium of online entertainment! We hope it does well!

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