Restless Rant
Week of April 29 – May 3:

The emotional drama surrounding core character, Katherine, stood out this week for sure. Over the past few weeks, “Y&R” has increasingly had the feel of being a different show with newer/non-core characters featuring more than some viewers would prefer. Anyway, it was a decent week, but Friday’s episode notably lacked a big cliffhanger and the Avery love letter stuff was mind-numbing. Thoughts:

The hotter, the better.
The passionate scenes between Adam and Sharon have been pure chemistry, but they’re now on Victor’s radar. His ‘acceptance’ comes with a price – he’ll want to control Adam’s personal life. It will be no surprise if Sharon becomes the victim of his manipulations, especially given the animosity he still has toward her. The Sharon/Victor conversation this week reminded me of the father/daughter type relationship they once had – a shame it was messed with to such a degree.

Nightclub no-no.
Dear Summer, if you’re going to try to get into a bar using fake ID, it shouldn’t be the one your dad owns. Period. Anyway, Summer has moved in with broody NuKyle, who will likely fall for her despite his protests to the contrary. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be much chemistry or energy happening with NuKyle so far. Summer also had a photo shoot this week with Mason – maybe stalker-y Fen will start cutting her photo out of magazines and making a shrine…

Booty call.
Tyler very smoothly did the booty call thing with Quinn, but Noah is so not a player – just too sweet, hehe. It was cute to see him go for it and then get shot down because he didn’t have his own place. Aw…

Poor Dylan.
I have a feeling viewers will find themselves uttering that phrase a lot as his storyline plays out. This week, poor Dylan was sketching the crib he was going to make for his baby when Avery appeared to chew him out for ruining her life by being alive and returning for her. After, Chelsea snapped at him to stop acting like her husband. Later, poor Dylan sat alone at the cottage recalling how he and Avery lost their baby and then she dumped him. Finally, poor Dylan left Chelsea a message about how much it means to him to become a dad. Poor Dylan…

Love sucks.
Interesting that they threw in a scene with Avery and Adam. Maybe Adam can fall for her, or sleep with her, and we can watch Nick lose his freakin’ mind. It would also be a convenient way for Adam to stick it to Dylan. Anyway, one has to wonder why they were made to cross paths… As for Avery and Nick, well, these two bored the pants off me this week. Even the forbidden factor of him being her sister’s ex doesn’t make them interesting. Shake-up required.