readers who notice the new character, Roger, on The Young and the Restless this week, might be wondering where they know that familiar face from!

Actor David Leisure is a very well-known actor who is infamous for his alter-ego, Joe Isuzu, from the highly successful car commercials. However, others will remember him from his days as Charlie Dietz on Empty Nest and Golden Girls.

David has appeared in dozens of Primetime television series, as well numerous movies. Perhaps you saw him as Mr. Chapin in 10 Things I Hate About You with the late Heath Ledger, or as a zany religious zealot in the Airplane films. Have you seen The Brady Bunch Movie? He was in that too!

Most recently, David has done Teed Off and Teed Off Too, which are golfing videos.

Hope that helped jog your memories, readers! Help give David, and his character Roger, a welcome to the show.

Can you imagine Roger dating Esther? What do you think Roger is up to, trying to get close to the Chancellors? Leave your thoughts below!