Restless Rant
Week of April 22 – 26:

There was plenty to enjoy as the week played out, however, definitely noticing a big focus on some non-core characters – what’s up with that? A bit of a rant – viewers need to be able to count on certain things about characters they’ve invested in and have gotten to know – it’s frustrating when that goes out the window for the sake of a plot. Case in point – Adam suddenly using Sharon and treating her coldly. What? Love them or hate them together, Adam’s deep-rooted feelings for Sharon have become a fundamental part of what makes him tick. So much so, that it was what caused trouble between him and Chelsea in the first place – you can’t have it all ways.

Who’s the daddy?
What a mess Chelsea has gotten them all into! The timely baby gift and letter from Adam was a nice complication. Anyway, some viewers are still trying to get their minds around Chelsea being a fabulous designer and now here she is back to pulling cons – except that she doesn’t see it as that because there’s no money involved? Hmm. Dear Chelsea, when Anita’s being the voice of reason, that should be your first clue that you’re in big trouble! Dylan’s romantic gesture toward Chelsea on Friday was very sweet – there was definitely a zap between them. It made for smiles, but also made it so much worse what Dylan is going to go through when the truth comes out. Gah. Would you like to see Chelsea in a relationship with Dylan or go back to Adam? Vote in’s Y&R Chelsea’s Options poll.

Welcome to the 21st century.
Victor and Victoria’s sparring match at Newman over her return to work was pretty good stuff, especially her setting him straight on how women can have it all etc. The problem is figuring out Victoria’s real motivations – only two weeks back she was all about staying home and devoting herself to having a baby. From the time she saw the headline about Sharon running the company it seemed obvious she was going to follow in Victor’s footsteps of always struggling for balance with family and the company. These issues sometimes drove Nikki back to her vice, and the same may prove to be true for Billy – though I’d love to see a twist here instead of the same old ‘Billy is a screw-up’ routine.

Should I sit on your lap?
One of the best scenes of the week was moody Adam’s face-off with Victor in the office. The one-liners, reluctant half-grins, and knowing chuckles felt super-satisfying.

Gus’s secrets became mildly more intriguing this week, but I’d like to see Neil doing more than supporting every day. Where’s Devon, by the way?

Toast to the beauties.
The friendship between Noah and Tyler is a promising development. Noah being a little off the rails is kind of cute – would like to see more! As for Tyler, it’s good that they’ve rounded him out a bit so he’s not just this flashy egomaniac making a play for a married woman.

I’ve made a decision.
Wow, powerful stuff for our Lauren and Michael this week! Although aspects of this have been hard to stomach – the demonizing of Lauren, Michael’s agony – it’s also brilliant in that we feel so much because we’re so invested. As for Fen – he’s clearly on track to be Kevin 2.0 – I wouldn’t want to be in Summer’s high heels right now – her rejection was clearly a last straw of sorts for Fen. Speaking of Summer…