In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to June 22, 2010 when Kevin Fisher found his wife Jana in bed with his half brother Ryder Callahan…

Lauren, who’s been cheating on Michael, could be in trouble with her husband very soon, and a few years ago, Kevin stumbled across his wife in bed with another man – his half brother. Kevin first found Ryder in Jana’s bed at the club when he let himself into her room. Even though Kevin and Jana had agreed their marriage had been over, it still hurt Kevin, who ended up punching Ryder.

Kevin kicked Ryder out and tried to warn Jana that getting involved with Ryder wasn’t smart. Since she’d woken up from her brain aneurysm surgery with no emotions for Kevin. This had been the first time she’d felt anything and she tried to explain how she felt about Ryder. Kevin begged Jana to realize Ryder had been using her and reminded her he’d kept her in a cage. When Jana refused to believe Kevin, he announced his plan to stop paying for her room at the club and left. Ryder returned soon after to comfort Jana.

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