Off to get hitched.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 2009 when Adam and Sharon Newman eloped…

Things have been heating up between Adam and Sharon these days and a few years ago they threw caution to the wind and decided to elope. A couple of months after Adam switched Sharon’s baby with Ashley’s he and Sharon grew close and took off on the Newman jet to elope. On their way back to Genoa City the jet started to go down, and Adam showed Sharon a note saying that her baby was alive. Both survived the crash, but Sharon didn’t remember Adam’s written confession, due to a head injury.

Many were upset to hear about Adam and Sharon’s marriage, mainly Nick. Adam didn’t try to tell Sharon the truth again anytime soon. However, when Dr. Taylor told Adam he was going to tell Ashley and Sharon the truth about their babies they later got into a fight outside of Jimmy’s Bar. In fact, Phyllis witnessed the shoving match and saw Dr. Taylor fall in front of a moving car. Phyllis managed to collect a letter Dr. Taylor wrote on his deathbed and confronted Adam with his lies – in front of all of the people he wronged.

Though their marriage only lasted a few months, do you remember where Adam and Sharon eloped to? Vote below.