Restless Rant
Week of April 8 – 12:

It’s a mixed review this week for “Y&R” – still dull part of the time. What’s up with that?

Is that a ‘no’?
Note to Nick – if the woman has to ‘sort out her feelings’ before agreeing to marry you, and everyone is questioning why you proposed (near death experience, Dylan’s return), the wedding probably ‘ain’t gonna’ happen’, as your father would say. Avery clearly has unfinished business with Dylan. I knew as soon as Nick lectured Avery about not knowing how it feels to be a parent, that she’d had a baby, or lost one, and then off she went to find Dylan and asked if he thought about their baby. Bam. The idea of Dylan and Avery getting back together is vaguely intriguing – but I worry that after the initial passion of reconnecting, they’d be shacked up in Snoozeville. Dylan’s sexy, but his personality needs a jolt or something – and why is it that ‘SuperMac’ knows what to say to everyone else about their life, but doesn’t seem to have a clue what to do about his own?

Off limits.
I saw nothing in Nick’s behavior toward Kyle that hinted at knowing he and Summer were half-siblings – I think that ship’s sailed. Summer developing stalker-like tendencies over Kyle has definite potential if you consider his attraction to Phyllis, and factor in the likelihood of Phyllis being due for another spell of self-destructive behavior. Kyle and Phyllis hooking up would be a betrayal on a fairly grand scale – to both Summer and Jack. Who knows if the storyline is headed this direction, but if it is, it’s probably not going to work with a recast Kyle.

Cop’s girlfriend.
Abby bringing Alex lunch at the station was cute – and he forgot she was in the break room! He is just the kind of guy she needs to keep her grounded. It was also funny this week when Abby, formerly The Naked Heiress, got all in an uproar over Summer getting naked – if only Ashley had been there to hear her!

Victor Newman makes his own luck.
Excellent contrast this week with Victor flexing his muscles with Wheeler, while softening toward Adam. In fact, it’s been fun seeing everyone make nice with Adam – you know from his facial expressions and one-liners he’s taking devilish delight in every minute of it, while simultaneously soaking in the desperately wanted acceptance. The best scene was when Victoria learned that Adam and Victor had made up and were planning to work together. You could practically hear her gnashing her teeth!

As for Victor and Wheeler, their clashes made for some intense scenes – and as a bonus, the last one paved the way for Victor to put Jack on notice that their rivalry was back on in a big way.

Happy families.
I get Tyler’s suspicions about Gus – the change in him seems too good to be true. People generally don’t change so drastically, particularly when they’ve spent twelve years in prison. I wonder if he’ll revert to his old ways? In any case, Tyler’s emotional upheaval is legit, but kissing Lily? Whoopsie! It will be interesting to see how she reacts given Cane’s recent warning about Tyler using his family issues to draw her in.