Restless Rant
Week of January 5 – 9:

Genoa City was the site of numerous confrontations this week – heck, Cane punched two different people! I love the drama, but could have done with a little more lovin’ to balance things out! Let’s get right to the nitty-gritty, shall we?!

Kevin and the Money:
I absolutely love how they’ve handled this whole story – here’s why. First, there is Kevin’s conflict with Jana – wonderful scenes over the money as she blamed him for keeping it, she blamed herself for giving it away, and then it all came full circle. Next, there is Kevin’s conflict with himself – incredible acting as Kevin wrestles with his conscience and his concern with how others perceive him. Even though he tried to give the money back, it has worked out that because of his poor choice in helping Gloria hide Katherine’s car one day, now someone (Amber) actually thinks he may have committed murder. I have found it fascinating to watch Kevin come to the realization that he really does want to be a good person and do the right thing – moreover, he cares what others think of him too! Also from this story, we have enjoyed Kevin’s interactions with both Katherine and Murphy, not to mention the always great scenes of banter and conflict between Kevin and Michael, and the outstandingly comic scenes in the tack house, when Michael discovered Kevin and Jana in the closet! Best scenes in so long! Kudos to Emily O’Brien (Jana) for her incredible imitation of Phyllis on the telephone! Such good stuff!

After a tough day of giggling on the phone, then sulking and stomping out on Cane and Jill at the GCAC, perpetually immature Lily arrives to ‘confront’ Billy at Jabot. What a joke – poor doe-eyed Lily has no real fire at all – even teenage Abby has more of a glint in her eye! I’ll tell you a secret – back at Neil’s wedding, watching the scenes between Billy and Lily, I felt there might be hope for this pair. I sensed something different in Lily that night. But alas, I’m now back to where I always end up with Lily – disappointed. I realize that some are drawn to romantic heroines who have an innocence about them, and that’s fine, but the reality is that Lily is not an innocent babe anymore – her life has been quite difficult, and consequently, she should be sporting a much more experienced vibe. She can still be written as a good person. Other characters on the show are being written with true-to-life complexities which make them infinitely more interesting, realistic, and attractive. Take Sharon for instance – a good person overall, a romantic leading lady, but she also exhibits a definite edge, and the ability to not just look pretty, but to be sexy. That’s how Lily should be written as well. Can’t wait to see Billy with someone who can match his fire! *Mini-spoiler* – watch for nauseating Lily to tell Billy they need to go back to just kissing – she’s not the type for ‘casual sex’!

The scenes at her place between them were intimate – without being sexually charged – which I found interesting. Chloe’s fantasy of Billy being the one taking care of her and their baby was thought-provoking. It seems that by landing Cane, she got what she wanted – and yet she doesn’t have what she truly wants at all – Cane is merely a substitute. Those who have felt the pain of loving someone who uses you, or who doesn’t love you in return, can certainly identify with Chloe’s feelings, but she’s got a lot to answer for in having destroyed Cane and Lily’s lives together. I kind of wish they’d get on with the reveal…

Cane/Billy: Excellent rivalry they’ve set up between these two brothers. I loved the fight scene in the bookshop, and the barbs they poke at one another verbally – well done!

Victoria and Victor:
Victoria prefers to have her father with her mother – enough said. Having her doing this whining and pouting every time he gets with another woman, however, is a disservice to the character of Victoria. She is a spoiled rich girl at heart, but she has also been written as a strong, independent woman in the past. She has repeatedly asked her father to accept her choices of partner, even when he doesn’t approve, so it is odd that she continually imposes her disapproval on him. Even stranger, is the fact that she didn’t seem to learn anything from her disastrous meddling in his relationship with Sabrina! At least she expressed thanks to Ashley for helping bring him back – I’ll give her that.

Victor/Newman Enterprises:
I hate the way Victor is always jerking Neil around at work in favor of his family members, who have never been as loyal as Neil – not one of them! Good for Neil for speaking his piece – I hope Victor sees the light. As for Nick staying on there – I was surprised when he went back in the first place, but with all his posturing about making it in the world on his own, I am extremely dubious about his decision to stay at Newman – how many times has he left there in a bitter storm of controversy?! Dumb.

Their little exchange at the magazine was very well done! The opening salvo regarding Noah was only a precursor to the real issue – Nick. Phyllis’s straight-talk is always refreshing, and is perfectly complimented by Sharon’s cool, vague responses. They really know how to push each other’s buttons! Very satisfying rivalry! I just wish they didn’t waste do much energy arguing over a man who has jerked them both around!

Sharon/Jack: Kudos to Sharon Case for the scene where she lost it on Jack. She did a great job with the material. We’ve all waited a long time for this. When Jack gives Sharon the long face and trots out his lines about ‘finding a way to get past this’ we all want to yell at him – so it was very therapeutic! Jack seems to have had blinders on throughout this marriage – thinking that each and every time he does something wrong, he’s going to manipulate his way back into her good graces – very smug! Blinders off, Jack – into divorce court you go!