Restless Rant
Week of April 1 – 5:

Two or three events piqued the interest on “Y&R” this week – the twist with Jack and Victor working with Paul and Alex, Jill and Delia’s returns, and Victor and Adam’s scenes in the hospital on Friday. The rest was kind of lukewarm.

That woman is married.
Some peeps feel Cane is acting like a caveman or whatever over Lily and Tyler’s continued closeness. Tyler has repeatedly and openly made it known that he’s very attracted to Lily. That, along with the physical contact, makes some concern legit even if he trusts Lily. Of course, everyone’s going to have varying opinions on how he/they should handle it.

On edge.
It was sad that Chelsea had to worry about losing her baby this week, but honestly, it’s time for a bit of a rant about this character – Chelsea was probably at her most interesting when she was a ‘bad girl’. Turning over a new leaf and keeping her word to Billy and Victoria was all very nice, but it made her rather blah. Pairing her with her buddy Adam was sweet, but nothing off the charts. It’s become headache-inducing watching her go back and forth about whether to tell Adam about the pregnancy, and second-guessing herself all over the place – it’s approaching a ‘who cares’ situation. That urgency the viewers should be feeling for Chelsea to (please!) tell Adam about their baby and happily reunite is missing from the equation. Now she’s going to spend however long worrying and fretting about Victoria? Not working. Chelsea’s one-night-stand with Dylan was the most interesting thing involving this character in eons.

However long it takes.
Speaking of Dylan, he seems determined to take Phyllis’ advice and wait out the borefest that is Nick and Avery. Honestly, Nick’s proposal was pretty flat on Friday. I felt like he was just trying to seal the deal so he could turn around and rub it in Dylan’s face. Nick doesn’t even ‘get’ Avery. It was laughable how he was suddenly all enthusiastic about the outcome of her case after spending the past month endlessly hounding her to drop it.

Stolen items.
Hooray for Jill finally making an appearance, but do they have to write her so grouchy? She was more concerned about the box of donations than the fact that Katherine might be having issues with her memory, and that’s not how their relationship has evolved. Where’s Murphy? I want to see him supporting his wife through her troubles – those heartwarming scenes are missing. Anyway, Adriana’s likely going to get blamed for stealing the stuff Chloe took in an attempt to make viewers feel sympathy for her. Sigh.

Wheeling Wheeler.
It looks like Wheeler’s done like dinner thanks to the great team of Victor and Jack (!) joining forces with Alex and Paul to bring him down. That said, with Leslie being so over the moon about her father’s freedom and innocence, I have to wonder if there’s going to be more to this story – it seems too pat. As for Wheeler threatening to bring Jack and Victor down with him – it’s hard to believe neither of them would have anticipated that.