Taken advantage of.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to 2008 when Katherine Chancellor’s memory loss episodes almost cost her some Jabot stock…

Cane Ashby urged Katherine to open up to Jill Abbott about her latest memory loss, and it wasn’t too many years ago when she was there for Katherine as well. Katherine was good to Gloria Fisher and rehired her at Jabot after Jill had fired her. However, when Jill threw her out of Jabot for good, Gloria set out on a new plan to keep her hands in the business.

Gloria noticed that Katherine had been experiencing some recurring memory loss. She took advantage of Katherine and tried to make her believe she was losing her mind in order to get Katherine to sign over her Jabot stock. Gloria wanted enough of Katherine’s stock to give her controlling interest in the company and enlisted Kevin’s help to make Katherine appear out of her head. Just as Katherine was ready to sign over her Jabot stock, Jill figured out what Gloria had been doing and stopped the transaction from taking place.

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