Restless Rant
Week of March 18 – 20:

It was a short week for “Y&R” due to NCAA Basketball March Madness, but it was still eventful. A few points to ponder:

Surprise guest.
There were a few unexpected guests at the Newman wedding but the cutest was Reed Hellstrom. Kudos to Billy for pulling off his latest surprise for Victoria – very sweet. It would be great if Delia had been in the mix – miss Billy’s scenes with his daughter. Also, I didn’t understand Victor’s reaction to Billy showing up at the wedding when he insisted upon his presence when he unveiled the ranch etc. Inconsistent.

Taking advantage.
Someone should tell Ashley that Phyllis had to have her arm twisted a considerable amount to be convinced to date Jack again – far from taking advantage of him. That said, many of us agree with Ash that Phyllis and Jack should be a no-go – for various reasons. It was great to see Ashley.

Negative Nick.
What’s with Nick scowling at everyone and everything these days – quite the curmudgeon. His latest dislike was Abby flirting with Alex – gimme a break. Worse, he was still asking Avery to drop the Rogan case – proving he doesn’t ‘get’ her at all – right before talking about their future together.

The latest real wedding ceremony between Nikki and Victor was romantic as always. Loved the tension of the henchman tending bar in the background.

It’s kind of sad what’s going on with Michael and Lauren. I’m in a love/hate relationship with Lauren and Carmine’s fling – hate that it hurts Michael and the marriage, but love the passion between Lauren and her boy toy. Gah.

Perilous pick-up.
Sharon appearing at the Newman door to pick-up Faith certainly earned her some more scorn. Why wouldn’t they have sent Faith to Sharon’s house with a nanny or security guard? Guess that would have been no fun…