Hurting the two people closest to him.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the late 2000s when Devon Hamilton Winters cheated on Roxanne…

Lauran Baldwin has been acting suspicious due to her affair with Carmine Bosco, leaving her husband Michael to question her actions. A few years ago Devon had an affair that hurt two people closest to him. Devon found out that Ana was actually Yolanda’s daughter and that his Aunt Tyra had been raising her as her own. Knowing how it felt to be cast away by a parent, Devon helped his sister deal with Yolanda’s actions.

The next shock came when Devon found out that Tyra wasn’t his blood relative. As they two grew close, Devon cheated on Roxanne with Tyra, who was seeing Neil at the time. Roxanne was crushed and broke up with Devon. He felt so guilty that he confessed the truth to Neil – a man he’d come to know as a father. Neil was furious with Tyra and ended things for good.

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