Restless Rant
Week of December 29 – January 2:

As the groundwork was laid, in the last week of December, for a brand new year of The Young and the Restless, I found myself hoping that the writers will take advantage of the ability to gauge audience reaction via the Internet, and make their decisions accordingly. As a member of the soap industry, I find that it is always reasonably clear to me what the majority of our readers are thinking and feeling about the show, and this is likely representative of the larger audience. Therefore, if I can access that information, it stands to reason that the writers and producers of Y&R can too. Some of the stories are shaping up to look slightly clichéd, or recycled, and it would be wonderful if those in control at The Young and the Restless find new ways to twist weary plotlines such as rivalries, amnesia, love triangles, and quadrangles! Here’s how the past week shaped up:

I’m questioning his new lease on life, as are a number of readers. How did he go from a nearly suicidal depression to being on top of the world so quickly? Just like the hit song, “If You Can’t Be With the One You Love, Love the One You’re With,” Victor has adopted Ashley and Abby as his ‘new family’, handily replacing the one that was taken from him. Somehow, I think this will catch up with him mentally. As for his return to Newman Enterprises – it’s nice that he decided to inform Nick and Victoria about his intention to resume control – but what about poor Neil who is running the joint?! Yeesh! As far as his revenge on Jack goes – I’m totally looking forward to it, but I was taken aback that Victor blatantly used Ashley to position Jack at Jabot so he could take him down, especially since he seems to be depending on her so much in his personal life right now. I also don’t like the fact that Jill stands to gain from Victor’s plan – she’s on my witch list right now!

Don’t defend Jill’s actions to me – talk to the hand! I don’t care how shocked she was, or how convinced she is that Katherine is Marge – if it were my mother that had died, I’d be doing everything I could to confirm the truth of the woman’s identity! That goes double for Cane and Esther, who are both aware of the woman in jail as well! They all get a boot in the butt for not following up on this – if there was even the slightest chance that it was their beloved Katherine – any truly bereaved person would want to know for certain!

I have revised my opinion on this couple – they are cute as all get-out, and I am now rooting for them to last! It was the goodbye in the Chancellor house that did it for me. The little air kisses in the jail couldn’t help but bring a smile to your face!

Katherine/Gloria: I was apprehensive about Gloria becoming embroiled in this storyline, but I am choosing to remain optimistic that Katherine will have her freedom, and her real memories, back soon. It would be dreadful to drag this amnesia storyline out – especially when a simple DNA test could easily prove her true identity!

Olivia/Tyra/Neil/Karen: Nice that mega-rich executive/club owner, Neil, could close down his own place for his New Year’s Eve wedding! But what the hell is going on with Olivia?! Even Tyra was taken aback by the fervor of Olivia’s campaign to discredit Karen! Olivia’s little speech to Tyra about her having realized years ago that Neil needed more than a ‘stable’ woman, is bunk! Olivia’s rewriting Y&R history with that one! Besides, Karen is quite feisty, in my opinion – think back to how she got up in Adam’s face when he attacked Neil in the workplace! Tyra is the sulky unappealing one in this equation, and things aren’t improving! The writers are certainly trying valiantly to muster up some sympathy for Tyra, but her crying scenes left me cold. I suggest that if the writers are intent on plugging away with this character, they put her in a hot relationship with the very appealing Detective Gil, and let us get to know her through her association with him – just a thought.