Restless Rant
Week of March 11 – 15:

It’s been nearly six months since the new writing team came in and there has been a lot of positive change along with a few complaints – mainly some of the pairings and storylines lacking pizazz. The passionate scenes have picked up – that’s a plus! Thoughts on this week:

We deserve this…
Jack may feel he and Phyllis deserve a romantic getaway, but viewers deserve better than this lukewarm pairing – so been there, done that, and so ‘friendzone’. It’s also been a letdown to watch Phyllis dragging her bottom lip all over town calling herself ‘toxic’. In what world would Phyllis have gone to Kevin Fisher to ask his opinion on anything, let alone if she was date-able? She’s so not her fire-y self right now…

Drop this case.
So over Nick’s growling and posturing over Avery’s safety! He couldn’t go to Milwaukee with her because of Nikki’s illness? He didn’t even know she was in the hospital until after she was home. Yeesh. As for the other aspects of Avery’s case, the tie-in with Leslie, Tyler, and Wheeler is nifty writing and it’s been refreshing to see it moving right along. The scenes with Leslie and her father were raw emotion – awesome! It looks more and more like Wheeler’s the real killer…

My dad died this morning.
Holy. Crap. Did you ever want to comfort a man more than you did Dylan McAvoy this week when he delivered that line? Way to tug at the heart strings…gah.

Pairing potential.
The Abby/Alex pairing has been promising – though she still seems a tad, er, passionate about her ex, Carmine. That said, the news that Marcy Rylan’s headed to GH and Melissa Ordway will play Abby, has lessened my enthusiasm for Abby/Alex…for now anyway. Alex has also been thrown into Chloe’s orbit; they definitely share chemistry, and it would be amazing to have Chloe cut loose from Kevin and make a return to feisty and happy from frumpy and miserable. Sidenote: Chloe’s character grew more mature since having Delia so it’s bizarre hearing her now advise Chelsea to dupe a man like she did Cane. Back to triangles – Abby/Alex/Chloe could be interesting. Alex also crossed paths with Chelsea a few times, so with Chloe and Chelsea being friends, a Chloe/Alex/Chelsea triangle could be quite tense. However, Chelsea went to bed with Dylan this week (how about that body!) and he’s working for Sharon, whom Chelsea despises… Chelsea/Dylan/Sharon triangle? Chelsea’s also made it clear she likes the layout of Cane. Imagine Cane and Adam butting heads over a woman… Of course Cane is married to Lily, who has caught Tyler’s eye – that could be triangle trouble coming too. Another very-married couple, Lauren and Michael, are in a rocky patch, and Lauren’s passion with Carmine was off the charts… So many potential pairings and love triangles are happening on “Y&R” right now! Let know which you would prefer to watch by voting in our Y&R’s Love Triangles poll.