Well, we’ve all grown accustomed to having a good ‘Rant’ in the newsroom each week about the Y&R and it’s storylines, characters, and writers. This week, in honor of the end of 2008, with a little help from the experts – the ‘Y&R Message Board Posters’ – and a look back at the polls, Soaps.com has compiled a New Year’s summation of the Best and Worst things about the The Young and the Restless for the year 2008, as well as a bit of a wish list for 2009! Hang on! Here we go!

Best Move of 2008 – the hiring of Billy Miller as Billy Abbott – this guy has chemistry with the frickin’ furniture! Runner up is the hiring of Elizabeth Hendrickson as Chloe Mitchell. Both of these actors are extremely good in their complex roles, and love them or hate them, these characters consistently deliver that much needed ‘spice’ to the canvas!

Worst Move of 2008
– By far, the ouster of Don Diamont as Brad Carlton. Huge amounts of viewers, both long and short term, are devastated to see such an integral character leaving the show! We’re still begging ‘the powers that be’ to reconsider!!

Best Storylines of 2008:

Amber and Daniel’s Love Story – this tale of true love between flawed human beings really resonated with a majority of viewers!

Michael’s Parental Odyssey – the incredible acting of Christian LeBlanc made the various twists and turns that Michael’s life has taken extremely entertaining to watch.

Chloe/Cane/Lily/Billy – as controversial as it is, this is the storyline that everyone is talking about! Most viewers have a favorite couple, or character, that they’re pulling for, or one that they love to hate – that makes it a winner!

Neil’s Happy Endings
– most were happy to see Neil finally get the opportunity to run Newman Enterprises, as well as for him to find love with Karen!

Honorable Mention in this category goes to the Amber/Katherine friendship, which charmed many viewers!

Worst Storylines of 2008:

The Face Cream Threat – carried over from last year, dragged through all of 2008 – nuff’ said!

The Paris Remote
– Even for viewers that enjoyed some things that happened in Paris, it was only so-so – for the rest – it fell flat.

Victor’s Diary:
This plot-driven mess hasn’t left many viewers feeling satisfied.

Victor Newman Jr/Adam Comes to GC – most viewers are puzzled as to why the writers would bring on the son that Victor Newman had with the wonderful Hope, only to totally trash the character! Many also feel that the character’s actions aren’t believable, coming from an individual who was raised by Hope!

Sabrina and David:
Although some were drawn in by Victor’s romance with Sabrina, most viewers disliked David from start to finish. The stories that resulted from their deaths, including Victor’s depression, the Mexico remote, and Skye’s death, all fell flat with beleaguered Y&R viewers.

Devon’s Relatives Come to GC
– the characters of Tyra and Ana have failed to ‘click’ with most viewers – yet the writers gleefully keep them going and going like those annoying Energizer bunnies! Viewers: “We can’t seem to form an attachment to these characters – cut them loose!” Writers: (hands over ears) “Lalalalalalalalala – can’t hear you!”

Honorable Mention in this category goes to the outcome of River’s story – most were turned off by the twist that wrote him into a corner. Michael Gross was a very welcome addition to the cast and his interactions with Christian [Michael] and Judith [Gloria] were very compelling! He will be missed!