It can never happen again.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to September 2, 2010 when Ronan Malloy and Chloe Mitchell had sex…

Chloe may currently be pushing Chelsea to find a new man, and a few years back Chloe had one herself. Chloe figured out that Ronan was Nina Webster’s long lost son. Christine Blair was trying to keep the truth hidden, due to Ronan’s undercover work. When Chloe confronted Ronan by bringing up his real name, Aiden Lansing, he finally admitted his true identity.

Ronan shared his childhood with Chloe and talked highly of his adoptive parents. Even though he also explained why he couldn’t tell Nina the truth, Chloe urged him to get to know his real mother and Chance once his undercover work was completed. Ronan and Chloe ended up having sex one night, but he made it clear afterwards that it could never happen again.

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