Jack and Phyllis: The Beginning.

In “The Young And The Restless” history, 2001, Jack Abbott and Phyllis Summers first married…

Jack wants Phyllis to give their relationship another shot. They have a very long history, and their first marriage, though filled with love, ended like many others in Daytime. Phyllis first met Jack while spying on him for Victor Newman, who wanted his company back. Phyllis seduced Jack, who later found out she’d been working for Victor and ended their affair. She returned to New York and didn’t return to Genoa City until three years later.

Again, Jack hired Phyllis as Jabot’s web designer while competing against Newman’s Brash & Sassy line. Though Phyllis brought Jabot out of its financial crisis Jack didn’t renew her contract, and Phyllis took a job with the competing line at Newman. Victoria Newman asked Phyllis to rekindle her romance with Jack in order to spy on him, and Jack planned to do the same with Phyllis to get the goods on Newman. During the process, the couple fell in love.

Phyllis rebuffed Jack’s talk of marriage, due to his wish to have children. She couldn’t forget the pain of having her son Daniel stripped from her and being deemed an unfit mother. Phyllis was given a slim chance of conceiving again after suffering a miscarriage. Jack didn’t care and proposed anyway. Phyllis wanted to give him a child and secretly researched in vitro fertilization. The couple married on Christmas Eve, but Phyllis couldn’t handle the hormone therapy she experienced before the in vitro and almost died.

Things went slowly downhill for the couple when news came that Jack had a son with Diane Jenkins, as a result of stolen sperm. Phyllis tried to support Jack and get to know Kyle. Diane’s constant meddling, with the sole purpose to get Phyllis out of Jack’s life, and the ongoing fight between Newman and Jabot, won out. Jack and Phyllis divorced in 2004.

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– Amy Mistretta