Restless Rant
Week of December 22 – 26:

It was a bit of an offbeat week on The Young and the Restless. Between Amber’s weird dream, the V8 food drive, and Michael’s ‘experience’, there were definitely a few ‘say what?’ moments! Fortunately, this was well balanced with good drama, noteworthy performances, and some good old-fashioned romance! Here’s my take on the week:

Personally, I’ve never had a whole lot invested in this couple, yet I liked them together, so I began wondering why their split left me cold. My conclusion was that this couple had an excellent combination of romance and sexual heat in the beginning of their time together, but it was never really developed by the writers. Somewhere along the line, the characters came to focus more on working and scheming, which the result being that I didn’t make much of an emotional investment in them – their engagement left me cold, as did their break-up. Too bad, because if viewers were more attached to this pairing, recent events would have parlayed into even deeper rooting value for the couple.

Adam/Victor: It makes perfect sense to me what has gone on between the two of them. Victor has been betrayed by yet another son, which has added to his sense of outrage and disappointment. Adam, who clearly expected to be protected and revered as the ‘new son on the block’, never really earned his stripes, and is now having to come to terms with not only the repercussions of his actions, but with discovering who his father really is – as opposed to how he had perceived him to be! Adam saw Victor as this all-powerful man who would step on anyone who got in his way, and when Victor was presumed dead, Adam thought he was acting just like his father. But Adam didn’t realize that Victor actually has a deep loyalty to those who he respects – like Neil – and Adam never really understood that although Victor appeared to be ruthless enough to have turned on his own children, Victoria and Nicholas, he still deeply loved them. Adam’s parody of Victor was a hollow impersonation, never coming close to the true complexity of what Victor truly is. That said, I could have done without the physical violence in the jailhouse meeting – it was unnecessary. Here’s hoping that Vic Jr. can ‘find his strength’ and get back into the fold just as Victor’s other children have.

Paul/Nikki: Paul, do not demean yourself to keep running to Nikki asking for affirmations! You are way too good for that! I’d like to see Paul be a viable leading man – meaning he has to have strength, and not sit around waiting to get hurt! Any minute now, it will become obvious that Nikki just can’t leave Victor alone – that’s when Paul should dump her! Don’t get me wrong – I like them as a couple – I just don’t want Paul to take her crap.

Yes, they’re cute together – as she is now. But do I see him as a match for Katherine Chancellor? Nope. Katherine belongs in the world of John Abbotts and Sexy Rexys – unless Murphy cleans up real good, he’s just not debonair enough to fit with ‘the Duchess’.

Gloria in Jail: What is up with this woman and her self-righteous outrage at being punished for a crime she actually committed?! The pouting and sulking and pleading and feeling sorry for herself are absolutely tedious. Just when we thought we were going to finally be free of the face cream storyline – it’s now taking us down a torturous path of a different nature! Deal with Gloria, one way or another – then let’s move on!

Some were probably drawn in to the ‘Sonny Crawford’ reveal and subsequent kiss – not me. As expected, the pairing with Lily is turning edgy, sexy Billy into a total frickin’ sap. Snap out of it writers! Think long and hard about what you’re doing before you steal the cojones from yet another hot, young leading man! Chloe and Cane are having some really cute moments – but I’m finding that I’m afraid to invest in them knowing what’s coming down the road. Interesting moment where Billy held onto Chloe as she got up off of the sofa this week – more heat in those few seconds than some couples share in a month! Cane and Lily, of course, crossed paths in Crimson Lights while picking up dessert. I wonder if he noticed her different ‘vibe’? You know, the giggly, high school, ‘I’ve got a secret’ vibe. Apparently it’s utterly hopeless to continue to ask the writers to grow Lily up – her idea of flirting is to grab Billy’s muffin and shove it in her mouth while she laughs inanely – yep, lame and messy. How are real women supposed to relate to this person? Real people have inner scars, or an edge, or develop dysfunctions and complexities when they have come through life’s trials. Not Lily Winters – she still just stomps out, sulks, or giggles, whichever one suits at the time. Writing her this one-dimensionally is a real disservice to both the viewers and the actress that plays her. Bring back Dru – a real woman – maybe Lily will be able to emulate her somehow…