Happy holidays Soaps.com readers! Here’s wishing all of you, along with your family and friends, a fantastic holiday season!

All of the Soaps.com readers, including those I interact with regularly, those who can be counted on to make day-to-day life here in the Y&R section more interesting, and even those I don’t know at all, who only read the site, are important to me and the Soaps.com staff. It is your participation, in whatever capacity, that helps make our site #1!

I love reading your comments and thoughts, and I am particularly moved by your loyalty, to the show, to one another, and often, to me and Soaps.com as well! It is so appreciated! Something very special happens here – a wide variety of personalities with extremely different outlooks, allegiances, and communication styles, come together everyday and interact over a common interest – Y&R!

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish a fabulous holiday season to all of the actors, and writers associated with Y&R – it’s your hard work that keeps us tuning in to the #1 show in Daytime television! Greetings, also, to all of the publicists and behind-the-scenes people that help us to access and interact with our favorite Y&R stars!

Best wishes for a Happy Holiday go out to our Editor-in-Chief, Chrissi Fix, who is on her well-deserved holiday break, and to her assistant, Amy Mistretta, who is extremely dedicated and hard-working – thanks for all you do, Amy!

Holiday hugs go out to the other writers on Soaps.com: Matt, Julie, Kristi, and Lori, as well as to the others who sub, help cover events, do interviews, fix tech problems on the site and so on.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays to everyone!