Restless Rant
Week of February 18 – 22:

The tension and drama on “Y&R” has been pretty solid in the wake of the snowstorm, and we even got to see a sex scene! Thoughts on the week:

Chelsea’s world.
This character’s been a bit all over the place. She dumped Adam, but is now upset that he’s going about his life. So much so that she won’t tell him they’ve conceived a child. Whether he’s with her or not, he has a right to know, and I don’t think there’s any con she could pull that would convince him not to press for a paternity test when she pops out a baby nine months after they had sex by the fireplace. How do you think Chelsea should handle the situation? Let know by voting in our Y&R Chelsea’s Pregnancy poll.

Cane seems to have this increasing anxiety since Tyler’s been around Lily, but bringing up Daniel was weird – wouldn’t they have discussed that previously at some point? In any case, Lane had a very passionate anniversary – finally some love in the afternoon that consisted of more than going up the stairs together.

Leave it at a kiss.
Will Lauren be revisiting the whole ‘leave it at a kiss’ thing with Carmine now that she’s moved to the Club? It’s a bit puzzling that she seems only vaguely concerned about Fen not taking responsibility for what he did to Jamie, or his ongoing disrespectful rants (which were occurring regularly even before the rooftop incident – brat!). Her unwillingness to work through things with Michael, who stuck it out through the doppelganger insanity, is also curious. Does she feel guilty about kissing Carmine, or is she keeping up the anger at Michael in order to justify having a fling? Hmm… By the way, hooray for Jamie for owning up to his mistakes and for Ronan becoming his guardian. Maybe they’ll both come back one day!

Personal assistant.
It was great to see Jill return this week…Adriana, not so much. It remains to be seen if Adriana will take advantage of Katherine or if she’s turning over a new leaf. Jill will be suspicious at every turn, which will cause issues with Katherine – love their sparring!

In the past.
Avery’s kiss with Dylan sure didn’t seem like it was making her feel that what they had was in the past, but we’ll take her word for it. Her reunion with Nick was dead boring – even them saying ‘I love you’ for the first time was a snooze. If she was no longer attracted to Dylan why would she be so worried about him staying in town? Perhaps she’s lying to herself – time will tell.